Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Best Bluetooth and WiFi Smart Locks

The smart locks have offered a sophisticated way of accessing the home and business. The proximity sensors such as WiFi, NFC, and the Bluetooth can enable you to unlock the door once you approach. The users can also lock and unlock the door by the use of the mobile apps.

It is also important to determine the connectivity that you need to use. The app reviews and the monthly subscriptions. Below are some of the best smart locks that use sensors like NFC, WiFi, and the Bluetooth.

LockState RemoteLock

It is one of the highly rated smart locks that use the home WiFi. It automatically connects to the existing router, and it does not require any additional equipment. It also enables you to receive up to a total of 1000 user codes to store them in its memory. It gives you the remote control of the door via the internet from the PC. It automatically connects to the WiFi router

Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron is your ideal lock that uses the Bluetooth connectivity.  The Bolt uses little energy which makes it work even without power on in the event of internet outages. It will also have a sensor that will unlock your door once you return home. The Bridge will enable you to control the lock from any proximity in the world. It will grant you peace knowing that your Bolt is locked and safe even when you are miles away from home.

Kwikset Premis

Getting a sophisticated lock has never been this easy. With just a touch on the screen, you will manage to operate the lock. The Kwikset Premis can also sign yup up to 30 user codes. It is, therefore, ideal if you have a large number if the family members. It is the best lock to use since it is easy to fit and also to use. It has a touchpad which works with the Apple Home Kit. It is a very decent lock that has a well-designed feature. It is worth your money, and you will not have to worry about your security.

Yale Assure Lock

Yale lock will offer you the protection that you want. The Bluetooth connectivity will help you in sharing the five (5) digital keys. Yale Assure Lock will make you forget about your keys altogether. You can also be able to share the digital keys with your family and friends. If you don’t have the smartphone, you will be able to use the 4-8-digit pin on the touchscreen keypad.


The Danalock has the full deadbolt replacement. It gives you an easy access via SMS or email. You will also get notified once your lock is used. The Danalock is one of the most secure smart locks that you will ever find un the market. It uses the most advanced encryption that is secure in transferring the data.

Choosing the best smart locks can be daunting, but if you consider the above locks, you cannot go wrong. You will get assured of your tight security and safe access to your home.

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